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Canada: Unity in Diversity

IT SEEMS to me in order that our friends to the south should know more about French Canada, which by trade, culture and intercourse is so closely linked with them as to be American in the larger sense, without becoming in the least less Canadian or less French Canadian for all that. This subject is one very dear to my heart, and I shall express myself on it as frankly and clearly as possible. My comment will be divided in the form of answers to three questions:

First. What is the position of the French Canadians as regards the United States?

Second. What is their position regarding Canada and the British Commonwealth of Nations?

Third. How does that dual relationship of the French Canadians make them an element of strength and order, and therefore of unity, in our joint civilization, which necessarily includes not only Canada and the British Commonwealth of Nations, but also the United States, the Latin republics of America and liberated France?


French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians are both as staunchly loyal to Canada as you Americans to whom I address myself are loyal to the United States. You and we nevertheless have so many things in common, we both of us form such an integral part of the North American continent, and we both are so thoroughly animated by a spirit of friendliness and neighborliness that we are evidently called upon to work together more and more closely and directly toward an amicable solution of our mutual and even our respective problems.

Every Canadian acknowledges this fact. But we French Canadians, whether we live in the Province of Quebec or in one of our sister provinces, a mari usque ad mare, are particularly conscious of it.

The obvious reason is that millions of our kinsmen live in your country: in your Eastern states, in your Central states, and as far south as Louisiana. They are good Americans, tried and proven true, deeply loving the new land which

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