Shanghai and Hong Kong

A British View

Courtesy Reuters

SHANGHAI and Hong Kong are two of the world's great cities. Until Shanghai became the scene of major Sino-Japanese hostilities in 1937 it was among the five largest ports in the world and was the industrial, commercial and financial metropolis of China. About twenty years ago Hong Kong's annual volume of shipping was the greatest in the world. Though Hong Kong never rivalled Shanghai as an industrial center, it was a southern terminus of one of China's main railway systems, the distributing center for the trade of south and mid-China and a terminus of American, British and Chinese aviation services.

The heart of Shanghai was the Foreign (or International) Settlement. When the Japanese have been expelled from Shanghai, the administrative control of the entire city will pass into Chinese hands. That was made certain by the treaties which the British and American Governments signed with the Chinese Government in January 1943; the

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