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Spain and the E.E.C.

As part of this effort, conversations have been started in Brussels, on the initiative of the Spanish Government, in order to study the problems faced by the Spanish economy as a result of the operation of the Common Market. On February 9 last, the E.E.C. authorities presented a questionnaire to the Spanish Government asking specifically about important aspects of the relations between the Six and Spain which had been studied in a Spanish report of December 9, 1964. The Spanish Government's answer to the questionnaire was handed to the E.E.C. in June.

This development has encouraged me to comment on the positions which will determine the outcome of the dialogue between Spain and the E.E.C. Spain, of course, would receive a boost for the accelerated economic development in which she is now engaged; and the E.E.C. would also receive some advantages. In any case, it would seem to me unrealistic for the E.E.C. to reject Spain's petitions and proceed with a commercial and agricultural policy which completely ignored the problems it poses for the Spanish economy.[i]

It is no secret that life in Spain is undergoing a real transformation, especially since 1959. I believe that year will be a milestone in Spanish history. Nor have the changes occurring in the world, and especially in Europe, been less important or slower. The most visible manifestation of them has perhaps been the desire to unite, to integrate, as a means of solving increasingly numerous and complex problems of general policy.

Spain is enthusiastically readying herself to face this reality. She sees that the idea of European integration represents a formidable challenge for her as well as a gamut of rich possibilities.

It is a challenge in as much as life in relationship to countries with a more advanced economic structure will require Spain to make a greater effort than has been normal in the past and to modify substantially the somewhat closed-in mentality that has dominated

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