Anti-Semitism and Terrorism

How the West Must Fight Both

A Star of David burns in flames, December 28, 2008. Umit Bektas / Reuters

Last week, Londoners elected Sadiq Khan, a human rights lawyer and a former member of Parliament for the Labour Party, as their first Muslim mayor. Khan was predicted to win, but in the last minute an ugly row over anti-Semitism in the party ranks threatened to derail his election and forced Khan to denounce Ken Livingstone, a former London mayor who is stalwart of the Left.

Livingstone had floated the myth of a pact between Adolf Hitler and Zionist leaders, a trope often used by Holocaust deniers. The former mayor later went on to justify himself and others in the party who have now been accused of anti-Semitism by explaining on the BBC that real anti-Semites hate their Jewish neighbors in Golders Green, a North London neighborhood, apparently condoning hatred of Jews living in Israel.

Calling for the expulsion of Livingstone, Khan promised to be mayor “for all Londoners” and

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