The "Drang Nach Osten" Continues

Courtesy Reuters

SINCE Munich the German trade drive in Southeastern Europe has entered upon an entirely new phase. This change became especially marked after Schacht's dismissal from the Reichsbank last January. It was Schacht who had developed the plan by which Germany imported enormous amounts of raw materials and foodstuffs from Danubian and Balkan countries, and forced them to take in payment, usually much deferred, whatever goods she chose to send them. Though this scheme led to a considerable increase in the volume of commerce between Germany and those countries, the latter were far from satisfied. They felt that they were not being treated fairly and they objected to the unnatural use to which Germany was putting her economic relationship with them. However, the Schacht system has served its purpose. The time has now come, the Germans believe, for even more aggressive tactics. Ever since last September they have therefore been making

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