Is Trump Ruining the U.S.-Israeli Relationship?

Why Israel Is Getting Nervous

U.S. President Donald Trump (middle) sits with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and President Reuven Rivlin, May 2017. Amir Cohen / Reuters

Nothing is more irksome to Israel’s right-wing establishment than the familiar charge that "the situation”—that is, with the Palestinians—“is unsustainable.” Leveled by critics of supposed Israeli foot-dragging, unsustainability has typically meant that anything less than the all-out aggressive pursuit of peace will ultimately jeopardize the survival of the Jewish state. The merits of such a conclusion are arguable. Either way, sustainability has now resurfaced in the political discourse, pertaining this time to no less a core component of Israel’s national security than its famed partnership with the United States. Can it endure?

Tensions plagued the U.S.-Israeli relationship under the joint stewardship of U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At times, it seemed doubtful that the bilateral friendship would withstand their overlapping tenures. Clashes over Iranian nuclear designs, the Middle East peace process, and the best response to Syria’s

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