Revising the Japanese Constitution

Courtesy Reuters

THE circulation in 1950 of a report[i] prepared for the Supreme Commander in Japan, General MacArthur, made known that the original draft of the postwar Constitution of Japan had been written by members of Government Section of the Supreme Command of the Allied Powers (SCAP) in February 1946. The first volume of this authoritative report included a frank statement of facts already known to many. However, it left room for questions, some of which have now been answered by General MacArthur and by General Courtney Whitney, who was Chief of Government Section. The fresh data were elicited by a "Study Group" appointed by the Japanese Research Council set up in 1956 under authority of the Diet to examine into the origin, operation and possible revision of the Constitution.[ii] Professor Kenzo Takayanagi, Chairman of the Research Council, headed the Study Group, which visited the United States in November and December of 1958. He summarized its

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