What Qaddafi Said

Excerpts from Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi's Last Televised Address

Courtesy Reuters

February 22, 2011

Muammar Qaddafi has no official post so that he can pout and resign from it, like other presidents did. Muammar Qaddafi is not a president. He is a revolutionary leader. Revolution means perpetual sacrifice until death.

This is my country, the country of my forefathers and of your forefathers. We planted it and watered it with the blood of our forefathers. We are more worth of Libya than those rats and hirelings. Who are those hirelings, paid for by foreign intelligence services?! God damn them! They brought shame to their children, their families and their tribes, that is if they have children, families and tribes.

But they don't have tribes, for Libyan tribes are honorable, fighter and combatant tribes, and they are rallying around me during this month.

All the tribes ... They are all shouting the same thing. They are all confronting. We have confronted America -- with its might and power. We challenged the the great nuclear states of the world and we came out victorious. They bowed their heads here. Italy kissed the hand of the son of the martyr, the sheikh of all martyrs, Omar al-Mukhtar. This is a glory beyond all glories. Not just for Mnifa [Mukhtar's tribe] ... but for all Libyans, Arabs and Muslims.

This is the victory they want to tarnish.

Italy, the empire at the time, was smashed on Libyan soil along with its hordes.

I am greater than the positions held by presidents and notables. I am a fighter. A mujahid. A combatant. A revolutionary from the tent. From the desert. All cities, villages and oases united with me in a historic revolution that brought glories to the Libyans, that they will enjoy for generation after generation. Libya will remain at the top, leading Africa and Latin America and Asia; indeed, the whole world.

This handful of alien hirelings cannot stop this triumphant course -- these cats and mice that jump from street to street, alley to alley, in the dark.


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