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The Nazis in Scandinavia

A CORNER stone of the Nazi credo is a mystic belief in the superiority of the Nordic race. In the current Nazi conception, "der nordische Mensch" incarnates everything that is beautiful, strong, noble and pure. He is of handsome stature and shape, with a straight nose and a square chin, dreamy yet steely blue eyes, blond hair and a mailed fist. A gentleman and a hero.

I shall not venture to discuss the highly controversial question whether this fine figure is to be found anywhere in more than sporadic numbers. Instead, I simply state that the most authoritative dogmatists of the Nazi creed have repeatedly pointed to Scandinavia as the true home of the glorious Nordic race. In the September 1936 issue of the German review Volk und Reich, for example, the well-known Nazi "geopolitician," Professor (and General) Karl Haushofer, described Sweden as the "ancestral homestead" of the Germans. Another Nazi professor, Gustav Neckel, lecturing in Berlin on "Das Nordische und die deutsche Bildung" (see the Nordische Rundschau, Heft 1-2, 1934) explained: "To us Germans, Scandinavia should not appear a foreign land in the same cold sense as do neighboring Latin and Slav countries; there, the German does not have to feel quite abroad, for he is still in Germanien . . ." On many occasions, especially in messages to the "Nordische Gesellschaft" (see below) Alfred Rosenberg, Dr. Goebbels and other intellectual leaders of the Third Reich have expressed similar views.

It is pertinent to ask how the Scandinavians themselves respond to a doctrine that allots them so high a place in the hierarchy of human races. Their first reaction is quite naturally a feeling of flattered gratification. Peoples, the same as individuals, like to be held out as paragons to their contemporaries. Scandinavians are no exception. But their second reflection is unpalatable to the German mind. Seeing the Nazi dogmatist so busy establishing the superiority of the Nordic race, they might be tempted to scoff: "How we apples swim!" For, if the propagandists of

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