This map shows the area in which Japan seeks domination. From Yokohama to Singapore is 2,905 nautical miles. This line is flanked by the Philippines (American) on one side and Hong Kong (British) on the other. Further south, the Japanese sent troops into northern Indo-China in September 1940; and in July 1941, with the acquiescence of the Vichy Government, sent troops, planes and warships to Saigon, Cam Ranh Bay, chief naval base in the colony, and other strategic points. From Hong Kong to Manila is 631 miles. From Manila to Singapore is 1,370 miles. From Cam Ranh Bay to Singapore is 786 miles. To the south lies the ring of the Dutch and British East Indies. From Singapore to Surabaya, the main Dutch base, is (via Batavia) about 1,000 miles. From Singapore to Port Darwin, the British base in northwest Australia, is 1,967 miles.

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