A New Polish Corridor

Courtesy Reuters

NAPOLEON'S dream of conquering the world ended on a raft in the middle of the Memel River in 1807, when he and Tsar Alexander I divided the control of the world between themselves and ratified their agreement in the Treaty of Tilsit, chief German city on that river. The same Memel River and the same city of Tilsit are today involved in a proposal which, if it were adopted, would mark another momentous turning point in history, for by it Europe's most dangerous geographical problem, the Polish Corridor, would be removed as the source of bitter controversy and threats of war between Germany and Poland. The plan is for the present Corridor and Danzig to be returned to Germany, and a new corridor to be granted to Poland along the Memel just inside the present easternmost limits of East Prussia.

Anyone who has had the opportunity of personally examining the situation in and around the present Polish Corridor can have no doubt regarding the gravity of the emotional situation which has been created there. The Free State of Danzig, cut off from Germany by the Versailles Treaty, but still strongly conscious of its ninety percent German character, has been the prey of rival propagandas and been in constant uncertainty and distress. Germany's bitterness at what she terms not only the humiliation but also the economic and political absurdity of cutting her territory in two in order to satisfy the desire of another people for direct access to the sea, has grown steadily and has received new strength since Hitler became Chancellor. Some day, the Germans never tire of reiterating, this great wrong must be righted; and many do not hide their belief that war alone will accomplish that end. The feeling in Poland is equally strong. Proud of their amazing achievement of having in five years turned the wretched fishing village of Gdynia into a splendid modern port and city of 50,000 people, and thoroughly convinced of the justice of their historical and

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