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The Policy of the Polish People's Republic

IN order to understand Poland's attitude toward the problems perturbing the world, it is not sufficient to know simply that we are a socialist country belonging to the great community of socialist states, a fact which per se determines the basic trends of our policy. Even though the main line of a state's policy is, broadly speaking, dictated by the specific conditions resulting from its social system, and though, within this general framework its current policy is being shaped by many internal and external factors which determine the situation of a given state, yet this does not cover all elements influencing this policy. The roots of each state's policy are embedded also in its historic past and grow out of its own specific development. This is particularly true in our case. The policy of present-day Poland, more than that of any other state, stems from the history of the Polish people, their tragic experiences in both the distant and the recent past.

Less than two centuries ago, at a time when the United States had won its independence, Poland lost hers. Three mighty and predatory powers partitioned the country and for over 140 years the Polish people were deprived of their statehood. Only the abolition of Tsarism, the victory of the socialist revolution in Russia, and the defeat of Germany and Austria opened the road to Poland's independence. The Poland of that time, however, did not draw the proper conclusions from this significant fact, which is why her independence was not based on solid foundations.

The policy of Poland between the two world wars was permeated with hostility and hatred towards the Soviet Union. This was the cause of her doom. The politically reactionary and socially egotistic classes which ruled the country placed their class interests above the national well-being. Their policy was responsible for Poland's weakness, deprived Poland of her natural allies and isolated her from other states, as became glaringly apparent in 1939. Not only did the ruling classes fail to

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