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The Future of Portugal's Colonies

AS Chancellor Hitler, Dr. Schacht, General Goering and other high German officials have plainly stated in recent months, Germany is resolved to resume her rôle as a colonial power. The Nazis profess to prefer the return of Germany's prewar colonies: Togoland, Cameroons, Southwest Africa and German East Africa. These territories are now held as mandates by France and Britain, and the latter countries do not seem at all disposed to surrender them. However, speaking before the League Assembly in September 1935 concerning the possibility of making better use of the world's economic resources, Sir Samuel Hoare stated that: "The view of His Majesty's Government is that the problem is economic rather than political and territorial. It is the fear of monopoly -- of the withholding of essential colonial raw materials -- that is causing alarm. It is the desire for a guarantee that the distribution of raw materials will not be unfairly impeded that is stimulating the demand for further inquiry. So far as His Majesty's Government is concerned, I feel sure that we should be ready to take our share in an investigation of these matters."

Some Germans have expressed wonder that the possessor of the most extensive colonial empire on earth does not lead the way in making some of her colonies available to nations less fortunately provided. They inquire, and others with them, what other colonial domains might be considered ripe for transfer. Among those which make the inquiry most anxiously are smaller Powers like the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. The acquisition of the colonial empires of either the Netherlands or Belgium would be satisfactory, we may be sure, to the German imperialists. However, the line of least resistance does not lead to the Dutch or Belgian possessions but to those of Spain and Portugal. In the case of Spain, the few and unimportant areas still held by her would in no way satisfy Germany's colonial demands. On the other hand, the abundant natural resources of the

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