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Saudi Arabia

Ibn Saud today is overlord of the "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." Beginning as Sheik of Nejd, in Central Arabia, he before the war had annexed the Turkish province of El Hasa on the Persian Gulf. Subsequently he subdued the Ibn Rashids, in the north of the peninsula, with Haql as their capital. In 1924 he drove King Hussein of the Hejaz into exile, and by 1925 had completed the annexation of the Hejaz lands by taking Medina and Jidda. In 1930 he incorporated into his kingdom the land of Asir, until then a protectorate. He completed the process of establishing his hegemony over the peninsula when he beat the troops of the Imam of Yemen, and in a subsequent treaty (June 1934) established a relationship which practically made the Yemen a protectorate. (For details see "The Unification of Arabia," by Hans Kohn, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 13, No. 1.)

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