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Britain's Debt to King Farouk

AN imperative need to secure sources of high grade oil, the possibility of arousing the Moslem world against England, and the moral and strategic value of controlling the Suez Canal have brought Hitler to the Near East.

The Rumanian oil fields did not satisfy the requirements of the Nazi mechanized forces for an abundant supply of high grade lubricants. Without them Hitler cannot invade England, and he therefore had to make 'Iraq a major objective.

Hitler seems to act with nerve-destroying suddenness. Actually the groundwork for his movements is prepared long in advance with German thoroughness. Thus he has had his agents at work for months stirring up Islamic resentment against England. He hopes to be able to capitalize among the Moslems his position as the world's greatest Jew-baiter, and to turn to his advantage the enmity between Zionism and the Arabs which revolves around British policy in Palestine. He hopes in this way to facilitate his conquest of the 'Iraq oil fields.

The Suez Canal is so often referred to as a British life line that Hitler would like to seize it, not so much for what it is actually worth to England but in order to deal British prestige a staggering blow. As British shipping to India, Australia and the Far East is now routed via the Cape, he would be merely closing an inlet and outlet that have not been used in an important way for many weeks. But the prestige value of its capture would be high, especially for propaganda purposes among the Arabs.

As the Suez Canal traverses Egyptian territory, the part it has played in the relations between Britain and Egypt is well worth considering at this juncture. The sovereign of Egypt is today the world's most influential Moslem ruler. Now that Hitler is manifestly endeavoring to arouse all Moslems against Britain the attitude of King Farouk towards that country is a question of major importance. Probably the best way to get a proper insight

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