Which Brexit Will May Choose?

Save the United Kingdom or the Tories

A boy holds a Union Jack flag in front of a bonfire burning in the Shankill Road area ahead of the Twelfth of July celebrations held by members of the Orange Order in Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 12, 2016. Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

The United Kingdom’s new prime minister is off to a dazzling start. The shrewd and unpretentious Theresa May, who since 2010 had served as home secretary in David Cameron’s government, has found herself thrust into the spotlight after the turmoil that followed the Brexit bombshell. She quickly emerged as the last Tory standing for her party’s leadership after Cameron’s abrupt resignation. As the Conservative Party was about to descend into internecine strife—fleshing out the wildest dreams of the screenwriters of both House of Cards and Game of Thrones—May was hailed as a “safe pair of hands” who could unite her party and her country. A low-key Remain campaigner herself, she beat her Leave rivals, who either backstabbed one another or self-destructed within days, with remarkable ease simply by promising that “Brexit means Brexit.”

The woman who warned in 2002 that voters saw the Tories as “the

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