This July and August we’re revisiting some of the best long reads from the Foreign Affairs archives. Find the complete list of summer reads below.

A New Americanism

Jill Lepore on the centuries-long struggle to define what it means to be American.

When Stalin Faced Hitler

Stephen Kotkin on Hitler, Stalin, and how the German-Soviet non-aggression pact fell apart.

What Really Happened in Iran

Ray Takeyh on the mythology around the U.S. role in Iran’s 1953 coup.

The Opening of the North Korean Mind

Jieun Baek on how illicit foreign media is undermining North Korean state propaganda.

The Longest Wars

George Packer on Vietnam, Afghanistan, and how Washington repeats its foreign policy mistakes.

How America Lost Faith in Expertise

Tom Nichols on the danger of seeing ignorance as a virtue.

From Nazism to Never Again

Richard J. Evans on Germany’s reckoning with the Nazi era.

Against Identity Politics

Francis Fukuyama on the new tribalism and the crisis of democracy.

E Pluribus Unum?

Stacey Y. Abrams; John Sides, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck; and Jennifer A. Richeson respond to Francis Fukuyama’s “Against Identity Politics.”

This Is Your Brain on Nationalism

Robert Sapolsky on the biological underpinnings of us-versus-them thinking.


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