Baz Ratner / REUTERS U.S. Army soldiers from the 2nd Platoon, B battery 2-8 field artillery, fire a howitzer artillery piece at Seprwan Ghar forward fire base in Panjwai district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, June 2011.

Is It Time for a Major U.S. Drawdown in Afghanistan?

We at Foreign Affairs have recently published a number of pieces dealing with U.S. military policy in Afghanistan. To complement these articles, we decided to ask a broad pool of experts for their take. As with previous surveys, we approached dozens of authorities with deep specialized expertise relevant to the question at hand, together with a few leading generalists in the field. Participants were asked to state whether they agreed or disagreed with a proposition and to rate their confidence level in their opinion; the answers from those who responded are below:

Debate Statement

The United States should significantly reduce its military involvement in Afghanistan.

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