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Celebrate our first century with a year of special extras, including VIP events, a new newsletter, a special-edition book, a podcast, and more. 

The Event Series

Centennial subscribers get access to our special centennial virtual event series that will run through 2022. Featuring in-depth conversations with foreign policy luminaries, these events are a once-in-a-century opportunity to listen in on intimate conversations with the leaders and thinkers shaping the world today.

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The Newsletter

Delivered on weekends in 2022, enjoy a hand-picked article from our century of archives with the Foreign Affairs: 100 Years email newsletter. Made paywall-free for a limited time, these articles illuminate the critical debates of the past century that are shaping the century ahead.

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The Podcast

Coming later in 2022, the podcast will feature in-depth interviews with Foreign Affairs authors on topics and regions of interest. Available wherever you listen, the podcast pairs well with your Foreign Affairs subscription, a conversational companion to our articles online and in print. 

The Book

In autumn of 2022, we'll be releasing a limited edition printed book commemorating our centennial year. Featuring Foreign Affairs articles that changed the course of the last century with fresh commentary by leading political thinkers of today, the book is included for our Centennial subscribers only.

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The Subscription

Get all the centennial benefits listed above, all the benefits of a regular All Access subscription (including access to the Foreign Affairs app), AND our signature tote bag in high quality brushed cotton, featuring our first-ever magazine cover from 1922.

Available only in 2022, your Centennial subscription is the key to our year-long celebration of a century of Foreign Affairs—and supports our work so we can continue serving our mission in the century ahead.

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