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Kenya: Ready To Accelerate

Kenya has entered a momentous new era marking 50 years since independence. Political risk has been minimized since the highly successful democratic elections in March 2013, and now the focus has turned to the economy. Kenya has a highly innovative entrepreneurial business community, and has been surging ahead as a regional powerhouse in East Africa. In order to obtain the ambitious goals of Vision 2030, the country has aimed to create one million jobs each year and has pledged for 10 percent growth annually. The report discusses the implications and present the vast number of investment opportunities emerging in Kenya thanks to the new devolved system of government. In addition, the recent discovery of oil in Northern Kenya, that has spurred growth substantially; as well as the East African Community integration allowing for companies who invest in Kenya to have access to a massive regional market of approximately 260 million people. Furthermore, the feature analyzes Kenya’s deep and well-regulated financial market, which is essential in mobilizing funds for long-term investments in infrastructure and all the major projects envisioned under Vision 2030. Under this visionary plan, Nairobi will be positioned as an International Financial Center to accelerate economic growth by attracting FDI. The report interlaces interviewee comments from Cabinet Secretaries, County Governors and key CEOs, as well as a comprehensive Q&A interview from Kenya’s President, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta. 

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