Foreign Affairs offers engagement with the people whose decisions sway markets, define industries, and direct the course of nations—the segment of the population known as the Influential Elite. Our readers spend nearly two hours reading each issue of Foreign Affairs and the majority have cited Foreign Affairs as their favorite publication.

For advertisers, Foreign Affairs provides an unrivaled opportunity to have the undivided attention of the world's most influential minds in business and politics. Exposure in our pages and on our website give brands a privileged position in the consciousness of the this select audience.

    Male: 81%
    Female: 19%

    25-54: 41%
    35-54: 23%
    Average: 52

    Graduated College: 92%
    Post Graduate Study: 62%
    Professional or PhD Degree: 25%

    Serve on Board of Directors: 29%
    Any Chief Officer: 18%

Household Income
    $100,000+: 50%
    $250,000+: 16%
    Average HHI: $202,000

Household Net Worth
    $1,000,000+: 28%
    Average Household Net Worth: $1,208,700

    Average # purchased each year: 16
    Purchased 25+ books each year: 20%
    Foreign Affairs provides me with book purchase ideas: 80%

Book Genres
    History: 80%
    Politics/Current Events: 61%
    Biography: 53%
    Business: 24%
    Travel: 19%


Source: GfK MRI Subscriber Study 2016

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