Foreign Affairs offers maximum exposure to the people whose decisions sway markets, define industries, and direct the course of nations — the segment of the population known as the Influential Elite. Our readers — many of whom are leaders in the government, business, and academia — spend on average more than two hours reading each issue of Foreign Affairs; the majority have told us that Foreign Affairs is their favorite publication. For advertisers, Foreign Affairs provides an unrivaled opportunity to have the undivided attention of the world's most influential minds in business and politics. More than any other publication, Foreign Affairs gives brands a privileged position in the consciousness of the Influential Elite.


Male 81%
Female 19%
25-54 41%
35-54 23%
Average Age 52
Education   MRI Index
Graduated College+ 92% 274
Post Graduate Study+ 62% 516
Professional or PhD Degree 25% 892
Serve on Board of Directors 29%
Any Chief Officer 18%
Household Income  
$100,000+ 50% 159
$250,000+ 16% 491
Average HHI $202,000 238
Household Net Worth  
$1,000,000+ 28% 316
Average Household Net Worth $1,208,700 354
Average # purchased each year 16 210
Purchased 25+ books each year 20% 422
Foreign Affairs provides me with book purchase ideas    69%
Book Genres   Index
History 80% 480
Politics/Current Events 61% n/a
Biography 53% 350
Business 24% 297
Travel 19% 508


Source: GfK MRI Subscriber Study 2015


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