Foreign Affairs Report: Palestine at the UN

Palestine’s UN Cliffhanger, Then and Now: Why the Conflict's 'Original Arena' is the Right Place for Abbas' Appeal
Alvaro de Soto
September 21, 2011
The former chief UN envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict argues that the Palestinian bid for statehood is not a “unilateral action,” as some insist. It is a desperate appeal to the world made necessary by the failure of the peace process.
 Elgindy Palestine Goes to the UN: Understanding the New Statehood Strategy
Khaled Elgindy
September/October 2011
The Palestinian plan to ask the UN for statehood in September has provoked intense anxiety in Jerusalem and Washington. But the move is less provocative than commonly thought. Palestinian leaders are not aiming at short-circuiting the peace process; they are trying to level the playing field in order to promote future negotiations with Israel and the United States.

Palestine's Rocky Path to the United Nations: Europe Needs to Step in Where the United States Has Failed
Robert Blecher
September 19, 2011
With his credibility on the line, Mahmoud Abbas has no choice but go through with an ill-conceived plan to petition the UN for Palestinian statehood. The United States and Israel are offering no constructive leadership, opening the way for Europe to finally play a decisive role in Mideast peacemaking. 


A Formal Funeral for the Two-State Solution: How the PA's Statehood Bid Sidelines Palestinians
Ali Abunimah
September 19, 2011
At least in theory, the Palestinian Authority's bid for statehood at the UN is supposed to circumvent the failed peace process. But the ill-conceived gambit actually amplifies the flaws of the very process it seeks to replace.

 Herzog Why Israel Should Vote for Palestinian Independence: A Cautious Case for Supporting the UN Bid
Isaac Herzog
September 16, 2011
Israel sees the Palestinian bid for recognition at the United Nations as a dire threat to its interests. But it could score a desperately needed diplomatic coup by doing what no one expects: voting, under several critical conditions, for Palestinian statehood.
Danin The UN Vote and Palestinian Statehood:Why the Move is an Unnecessary Gamble
Robert M. Danin
September 15, 2011
By adopting a publicly confrontational approach, the Palestinians risk undermining the goodwill and security that Fayyad's nation-building program has so painstakingly created.
Miller Europe's Palestine Problem: Making Sure the EU Matters to Middle East Peace
Rory Miller
September/October 2011
European leaders feel they have a right and duty to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Perhaps -- but they're just not up to the task. Europe should focus instead on what it does best: helping the Palestinians build a state.


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