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Since 1922, Foreign Affairs readers have been thoughtful, ambitious, and influential—and have trusted us as the leading forum for analysis and discussion of the forces shaping our world.

The magazine is made available to all members of Congress, all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and like-minded think tanks, as well as all attendees of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in partnership with the host organization.

When Nobel laureates, government officials, civic leaders, and scientific innovators want to capture the attention of top decision-makers, they publish here.

And when a generation’s leaders want insight into the issues that matter, they turn to Foreign Affairs.

"Influentials" 39% (6x Index)
Top Management/C-Suite 21%
Sits on Board of Directors 25%
Avg. Value of Purchasing Decisions at Work $683,000
Private Sector 47%
Government 20%
Academic 25%
On their Foreign Affairs
"It gives me new insight into international developments and trends" 99%
"It exposes me to influential ideas before other sources do" 96%
"I refer to what I read in conversation with friends and colleagues" 80%


Source: January 2020 GfK MRI Subscriber Study