Foreign Policy and the Next Congress

The Fights to Come Between Capitol Hill and the White House

The U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., January 2010. Kevin Lamarque / REUTERS

How Congress Can Take Back Foreign Policy

by Brian McKeon and Caroline Tess

The legislative branch has the ability to exert authority in foreign affairs.

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The Long Decline of Congressional Oversight

by Linda L. Fowler

Congress today holds far fewer public hearings than it used to.

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Can Congress Stop the Forever War?

by Denis McDonough

Congress should not be shy about exerting its power to provide oversight on matters of national security. 

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The Unconstrained Presidency

by James Goldgeier and Elizabeth N. Saunders

Checks and balances eroded long before Trump.

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How to Waste a Congressional Majority

by Sarah Binder

Dysfunction has obstructed the legislative process even with a unified government.

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The Congressional Apprentice

by Jeff Bergner

Political divisions compound the normal complexities of executive-legislative relations.

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