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Has a New Cold War Really Begun?

by Odd Arne Westad

Contemporary politics is full of false analogies, and the return of the Cold War seems to be one of them.

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The United States' Perpetual War in Afghanistan

by Tanisha M. Fazal and Sarah Kreps

Public anger at home pulled the United States out of Vietnam, but the public’s indifference about the intervention in Afghanistan has allowed the United States' longest war to drag on.

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Reeducation Returns to China

by Adrian Zenz

It is possible to see how reeducation drive in Xinjiang could end up influencing China’s social credit system: those who end up falling below a certain score could be required to undergo reeducation treatments to greater or lesser degrees.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order

by Nicholas Wright

AI will create a new global competition between technological authoritarianism and liberal democracy.

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The Remarkable Scale of Turkey's "Global Purge"

by Nate Schenkkan

Turkey's “global purge,” which mirrors the effort after the coup attempt to rid Turkey’s domestic institutions of anyone associated with Gulen, is remarkable in its speed, scale, and aggression.

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The Pentagon's Transparency Problem

by Loren DeJonge Schulman and Alice Friend

Trump’s commitment to secrecy, once a punchline among policy elites, has been widely embraced throughout the national security establishment. 

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Stop Obsessing About China

by Michael Beckley

China is not the hegemon-in-waiting that many consider it to be.

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Is Trump a Normal Foreign-Policy President?

by Elizabeth N. Saunders

Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016 has offered quite the test: What does it mean for the United States to elect a leader with no experience in government, little knowledge of foreign policy, and an explicit disdain for expertise?

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How Sharp Power Threatens Soft Power

by Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Democratic governments should not overreact to sharp power in ways that undercut their true advantage, which comes from soft power.

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Is Going It Alone the Best Way Forward for Europe?

by Benjamin Haddad and Alina Polyakova

With U.S. untethering a continuing trend, a Europe whole, free, and at peace means a Europe able to fend for itself on the world stage.

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