How to Understand the United States and Iran

From the Nuclear Deal to the Brink of Crisis

What a War With Iran Would Look Like

by Ilan Goldenberg

How a minor clash could spiral into a regional conflagration.

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The Art of a New Iran Deal

by Sanam Vakil

The path to a grand bargain between Washington and Tehran.

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Getting Real About Iran

by Kian Tajbakhsh

What Washington’s Iran policy should—and shouldn’t—try to achieve.

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Confronting Iran

by Michael R. Pompeo

The Trump administration’s strategy for containing the malign influence of an “outlaw regime.”

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Pompeo’s Dangerous Delusions

by Colin H. Kahl

The folly of thinking that “maximum pressure” will force Iran’s hand—and the recklessness of risking war in the process.

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Iran Among the Ruins

by Vali Nasr

The real drivers of Tehran’s foreign policy and Middle East ambitions.

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How We Got the Iran Deal

by Wendy Sherman

How walking away from a carefully negotiated deal turned Iran into an impossible problem for U.S. policy.

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Who Is Ali Khamenei?

by Akbar Ganji

Tehran’s final decision-maker—and how decades of dealing with the United States has shaped his thinking.

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Iran’s Other Generation Gap, 40 Years On

by Narges Bajoghli

The ideological divisions within the Iranian regime.

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How Iran Sees Its Standoff With the United States

by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

Tehran believes it has no better option than to confront pressure with pressure.

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