How to Understand the Geopolitics of Climate Change

As the World Warms, How Should States Respond?

Warming World

by Joshua Busby

The disruption to the earth’s climate will ultimately command more attention and resources and have a greater influence on global affairs than other forces visible in the world today.

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The Two-Degree Delusion

by Ted Nordhaus

The focus on the two-degree Celsius warming target in global efforts to address climate change leaves the world ill prepared to mitigate or manage the consequences of a warming planet.

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Climate Change Is a Chronic Condition

by Kate Gordon and Julio Friedmann

Climate events are no longer one-off incidents but chronic problems. The burden of managing the impacts and preparing local infrastructure for inevitable future disasters falls largely on city and state governments.

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Paris Isn’t Burning

by Brian Deese

The United States’ withdrawal has not destroyed the Paris agreement entirely. But Trump’s actions can still cause the United States serious diplomatic and economic pain—and cost the world precious time.

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The Clean Energy Revolution

by Varun Sivaram and Teryn Norris

Fighting climate change successfully will require leveling the economic playing field between clean and dirty energy, as well as encouraging investment in innovative clean energy technology.

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Climate Extremes and Global Health

 by Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Partha Dasgupta, Joachim von Braun, and David G. Victor

Extreme climate events, such as heat waves, the collapse of major ice sheets, and mass extinctions, are becoming more probable, and their far-reaching effects will include immediate risks to human health.

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