Carlos Barria / Courtesy Reuters <i>Coffins with the numbers of immigrants who died trying to cross the border between Mexico and the Unites States, 2006.</i></br>"Undocumented migration is lower today than at any other time in the last 40 years, but reported migrant deaths are on the rise."
Eric Thayer / Courtesy Reuters) <i>A street sign in the Southmost neighborhood of Brooks County, 2013.</i></br>"Most migrants who perish in the harsh Texas scrubland do so in Brooks County, which is located roughly 65 miles from the Mexican border."
Lucy Nicholson / Courtesy Reuters <i>A sign near Calexico, California.</i></br>"Most border crossers, Durham says, have spent days out in the harsh desert scrub and are too weak and disoriented to continue. 'I tell them if they keep going, they’ll just die out there.'"
Tim Gaynor/ Courtesy Reuters <i>U.S. Border Patrol agent Jim Weygand leads a group of arrested illegal immigrants, 2008.</i></br>"They can fall behind their group, lose their way, get abandoned by their guides, or be dispersed during a Border Patrol raid."
Eric Thayer / Courtesy Reuters <i>The unidentified graves of people whose remains were found in the desert near Falfurrias, Texas, 2013.</i></br>"'This county is basically just throwing bodies in the damn dirt,' says Durham."
Eric Thayer / Courtesy Reuters <i>A memorial in the desert near Falfurrias, Texas, 2013.</i></br>"'At the very least,' Baker says, 'their loved ones may have a place to put flowers'."
Alonso Castillo/ Courtesy Reuters <i>Mayda Reyes Lujan kisses the hand of her husband Antonio, an illegal immigrant in the United States, through a wall that separates Mexico and the United States, 2010.</i></br>"[They] are desperate to return to their children, spouses, and extended families back in the States."
Eric Thayer / Courtesy Reuters <i>A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent, 2013.</i></br>"'If the [United States] can’t set an example for human rights and missing persons,' Baker asks, 'who can?'"

The Bones Speak

Undocumented migration is lower today than at any other time in the last 40 years, but reported migrant deaths are on the rise. Read the story of some of those migrants and the forensic anthropologists, local lawmen, and Samaritans trying to help them.

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