Jérôme Tubiana Opposition soldiers walk toward the frontline after hearing shelling coming from that direction.
Jérôme Tubiana A government tank abandoned in the swamps near the Thar Jath oil fields.
Jérôme Tubiana A well and electric poles at the Thar Jath oil fields. All of Unity state’s oil installations were shut days after the new war started in South Sudan in December 2013.
Jérôme Tubiana A government-owned armored vehicle abandoned on the frontline near Guit.
Jérôme Tubiana Opposition soldiers.
Jérôme Tubiana Opposition soldiers.
Jérôme Tubiana Opposition soldiers resting.
Jérôme Tubiana Opposition soldiers near the oil fields in Kuch.
Jérôme Tubiana Young armed herdsmen, known as the white army, have been mobilized to fight for the Nuer.
Jérôme Tubiana A market in Leer has been looted by both sides.
Jérôme Tubiana Burnt walls in Leer. Local people believe the town was targeted because it was the birthplace of opposition leader Riek Machar.
Jérôme Tubiana Leer villagers walk back to their shelters in the bush after having received food aid.
Jérôme Tubiana A Nuer chief in Leer. Chiefs say they were tracked down, and some were killed, by government forces.
Jérôme Tubiana A skull of one of several civilians reportedly executed by government forces in Leer.
Jérôme Tubiana A spray of bullet holes on the wall of a Bentiu mosque, where some 200 Darfurian civilians were shot by opposition forces in April 2014.
Jérôme Tubiana Mass graves in Bentiu after the April 2014 attack by the opposition.
Jérôme Tubiana A Leer woman rebuilds a straw fence around the tomb of Emma McCune, Riek Machar’s British wife. The houses around the grave were destroyed.

An Elusive Peace in South Sudan

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