To Our Readers:

For more than 85 years, Foreign Affairs has been the leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs. Throughout that time, the twin hallmarks of our brand have been authority and accessibility. We have sought to present compelling articles on important topics, by knowledgeable authors, for both professionals and a broad general audience. With the launch of our new Web site,, we are upholding that tradition, even as we bring it into the twenty-first century.
The site will offer three streams of editorial content, starting with material from our print magazine. One-third of the contents of each bimonthly issue will be accessible online for free; the rest, as well as our archives, will be available for free to subscribers and for a fee to other readers. 

Three Web-only features, meanwhile, will extend and complement our print material:

  • Reading Lists will provide recommendations for exploring article topics further, highlighting the leading works in a particular area and explaining what makes them special.
  • Postscripts will let authors revisit the scenes of their crimes, allowing them to crow -- or eat crow -- over how well their earlier articles have held up.
  • Q&A will give readers the chance to interact with authors directly.

Three other Web-only features, finally, will go where the print magazine cannot:

  • Snapshots will offer concise, timely analysis of important events and policy issues.
  • Letters From will present on-the-ground reportage from abroad.
  • Roundtables will bring experts together to hash out major issues in free-flowing discussions.

New material will appear on the Web site daily. Designed to be worth remembering, all our content -- past and present, print and Web-only -- will be easy to browse by topic, region, and other characteristics. Readers will be able to comment themselves; send, share, and recommend pieces; and sign up to get content delivered through feeds and newsletters.

We're excited about our new project and hope that you will join us for the ride. Any and all comments about the site would be greatly appreciated; you can reach me at [email protected].


James F. Hoge, Jr.


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