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Like you, I've been transfixed by the revolutions taking place in the Middle East. But after devouring all the news, I find that what I really want is context. Why is this happening—and why now? What will happen next? And what, if anything, can or should we do about it? That's where Foreign Affairs comes in.

We've been staying on top of the Middle East crisis from the beginning, churning out pieces that analyze events in real time. What distinguishes our coverage is the fact that our authors actually know what they're talking about. You don't want an article from somebody who read a book on the Muslim Brotherhood—you want an article by the person who wrote the book. You don't need a piece by somebody who took a course on Middle Eastern politics—you need a piece by the president of the American University of Cairo, who has an article in the upcoming May/June issue. And you shouldn't care about the views of somebody who once took a meeting in Washington—but you should care about the views of somebody who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia and Egypt and Bahrain.

That's the kind of material you'll get by subscribing to Foreign Affairs. For only $32 a year, you'll receive a steady stream of indispensable coverage of the crisis in the Middle East and everything else going on in the world. Your subscription will start with our March/April issue, which includes highlights like these:

* The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy by Walter Russell Mead. We all know there's a new force in Washington. But what happens when populism meets globalism?

* Malcolm Gladwell and Clay Shirky debating just how revolutionary social media are and whether they deserve credit for driving political change abroad.

* Will China's Rise Lead to War? A three-part package by Thomas Christensen, Wang Jisi, and Charles Glaser, looking at the most important challenge of the twenty-first century—how to head off a U.S.-China conflict—from several different angles.

So subscribe now for only $32—a 43% savings off the newsstand price. If you prefer a paperless edition, get our new digital subscription for the same price and receive all the same benefits as print subscribers. Or for only $1 more per issue, become a Foreign Affairs Plus subscriber, and get the print magazine, the paperless edition, all our web-only content, and special hand-picked editorial collections, book chapters, and exclusive updates.

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