The Clash of Ideas eBook Now Available

Clash of Ideas CoverThe Clash of Ideas tells the story of the great ideological debates of the past century and the emergence of the modern order.

Combining several new essays with highlights from 90 years of Foreign Affairs, the collection features authors such as Isaiah Berlin, Benedetto Croce, Francis Fukuyama, Charles P. Kindleberger, John Ikenberry, Harold J. Laski, Leon Trotsky, and many more.  An introduction by Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose sets the stage and puts both old and new material in context.

Released to coincide with the special 90th anniversary issue of Foreign Affairs, this book offers an indispensable look at where we have come from and where we are going.

The book is available for purchase in digital format for the Kindle, NOOK, and iPad. An enhanced PDF is for sale for $8.95 at, and print copies will soon be available for purchase on

Professors who would like to review this book for course adoption can send a request for examination copy to Christine Leonard at Please include your university and course name.

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