Foreign Affairs magazine announced on Thursday that its audited circulation has increased by eight percent since June 2011 and four percent since December 2011.

The magazine officially submitted its June 2012 Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) statement with a reported circulation of 161,450.

The year-over-year growth is attributed to strong renewal rates and the availability of Foreign Affairs content across a variety of digital platforms, including eReaders, mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Now, more than eight percent of the magazine's total readership comes exclusively from digital platforms; an increase of nearly 200% over the previous statement. This includes readers receiving the magazine's digital issue replica and those who purchase from digital newsstands like the Kindle platform, where Foreign Affairs ranks #11 among all magazine sales.

"The latest ABC figures show an increase in overall Foreign Affairs readership as well as strong growth in mobile platforms which provide convenience for our global audience," says Publisher Lynda Hammes. "We also see a high level of engagement with digital editions through extraordinary retention rates."

This ABC statement marks the first time Foreign Affairs will count select readers from digital content partners like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others. About 5,660 of these readers receive the complete digital issue replica, which qualifies them as reported circulation. Foreign Affairs reaches an additional 13,000 readers who receive the entirety of the editorial content in non-replica e-pub editions.

"Foreign Affairs readership is at an all-time high, reaching about 175,000 paying readers and more than 500,000 monthly unique visitors online. Taking into account Mediamark Research & Intelligence measurements, total audience of the magazine now exceeds 225,000," says Hammes. "True to the Latin ubique inscription on its famous horse-and-rider logo, Foreign Affairs is accessible to interested readers everywhere."

Foreign Affairs has been honored twice in the past year for excellence in digital media. The magazine won the EPPY award from Editor & Publisher for "Best Mobile Website" last November. Foreign Affairs this past April took the top prize for Best Premium Content at min's 2012 Best of the Web Awards.
Foreign Affairs has a reported circulation of 161,450 subscribers and newsstand buyers in 190 countries. Foreign Affairs reaches an additional 13,000 through partnerships with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other eReader vendors.

Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Relations since 1922, is an independent magazine of analysis and commentary on foreign policy and international affairs. Foreign Affairs has been ranked among the top five most influential media outlets by the independent research firm Erdos & Morgan.

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