A Look Inside the New Issue

Andrew Nathan, a professor at Columbia, and Andrew Scobell, a political analyst at RAND, write that even when U.S. officials speak sweetly and softly, their Chinese counterparts hear threats.

Timothy Garton Ash, a professor at Oxford University, explains that Europe’s unresolved debt crisis has stalled its drive toward unification.

C. Fred Bergsten, director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, urges a little faith in the eurozone leaders, who will ultimately pay whatever price is necessary to keep the union together.

Adam Tooze, a professor at Yale, reveals the trouble lurking under Germany’s impressive export-fueled growth.

Andrea Campbell, a professor at MIT, puts U.S. tax policy in perspective, writing that compared with other developed countries, the United States has very low taxes, little income redistribution, and an extraordinarily complex tax code.

Mikhail Dmitriev, president of the Moscow-based Center for Strategic Research, and Daniel Treisman, a professor at Unitiversity of California, Los Angeles, explain whether the message of Moscow’s anti-Putin protesters resonates outside the big cities.

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