On March 28, Lynda Hammes, the publisher of Foreign Affairs, unveiled “Foreign Affairs on Television” to a crowd of industry professionals at the MPA Swipe Conference. This special edition is the first in a new premium series designed for iPad users. 

The collection includes seven articles by historians, theorists, and former government officials. In offerings such as “Game of Thrones as Theory” and “The Holes in Homeland,” these experts bring the hallmark of Foreign Affairs -- authority, seriousness, and accessibility -- to pop culture.

“The series motivates our audience to explore the long-form content they love from Foreign Affairs in a new way,” says Hammes.

Or, as Gideon Rose, the editor of Foreign Affairs, puts it, “We spend way too much time watching all this stuff too. So to feel less guilty, we went out and got top experts to produce some Foreign Affairs–quality cultural commentary.”

The magazine’s Plus and digital subscribers can download “Foreign Affairs on Television” for free via the iPad app; the edition is also available to buy for $4.99. Hammes sees long-term business opportunities for this franchise to build loyalty and open new revenue streams. “We thought carefully about how we could meet two important goals,” says Hammes. “We wanted to add more value to our subscriptions, and we wanted to increase the variety and velocity of paid-content products.”

Foreign Affairs on Television” will also be available to buy on Kindle, Nook, and other eReaders in April, but it will not be free to subscribers on those platforms. The Foreign Affairs iPad app launched in November 2012, and it is free to download. Subscribers can access their issues for free, and individual copies and eBooks are also available for purchase.

For more, visit the Foreign Affairs iPad app.


Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Relations since 1922, is an independent magazine of analysis and commentary on foreign policy and international affairs. In recent biannual surveys, Foreign Affairs has been ranked among the top five most influential media outlets by the independent research firm Erdos & Morgan.