Foreign Affairs Plus: China's Perspective

This Plus collection includes:

  • A chapter from Andrew Nathan and Andrew Scobell's latest book, China's Search for Security
  • Reprints of "How China Sees America" by Nathan and Scobell (September/October 2012) and "The Tiananmen Papers" introduced by Andrew Nathan (January/February 2001)
  • A video interview with Andrew Nathan on U.S.-China policy.


China's Search for Security Cover

Download the second chapter from China's Search for Security, by Andrew Nathan and Andrew Scobell

Excerpted from China's Search for Security by Andrew J. Nathan and Andrew Scobell. Copyright © 2012 Andrew Nathan and Andrew Scobell. Used by arrangement with Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

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Download "How China Sees America," by Andrew Nathan and Andrew Scobell
September/October 2012

The United States worries about China's rise, but Washington rarely considers how the world looks through Beijing's eyes. Even when U.S. officials speak sweetly and softly, their Chinese counterparts hear sugarcoated threats and focus on the big stick in the background. America should not shrink from setting out its expectations of Asia's rising superpower -- but it should do so calmly, coolly, and professionally.


Download "The Tiananmen Papers," introduced by Andrew Nathan
January/February 2001

The Tiananmen papers paint a vivid picture of the battles between hard-liners and reformers on how to handle the student protests that swept China in the spring of 1989. The protests were ultimately ended by force, including the bloody clearing of Beijing streets by troops using live ammunition. The tragic event was one of the most important in the history of communist China, and its consequences are still being felt.