Ehud Yaari

  • Country: Israel
  • Title: Journalist, Commentator
  • Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University
  • Books: Intifada (1990), Israel's Lebanon War (1984), The Year of the Dove (1979)
  • Awards: Israeli Press Editors-in-Chief prize, Sokolov Prize, Israel Broadcasting Award

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GIDEON ROSE: Thank you.

Well, welcome, everybody. This is Gideon Rose, the managing editor of Foreign Affairs. We are delighted to have with us today Ehud Yaari, who has a very interesting and provocative piece in the new issue of Foreign Affairs called "Armistice Now: An Interim Agreement for Israel and Palestine," laying out a new option for the peace process. And as a promotional device for the issue and Ehud's article, we arranged to have a major flap in U.S.-Israel relations just so we could sort of kick off the discussions

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