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The Master of Arts in international studies is a two-year program focused on social analysis and justice. The curriculum combines multiple disciplines in an academically rigorous program that emphasizes training in critical theory. Students in the program investigate the underlying assumptions and histories of contemporary issues, and use approaches from social and cultural theory as well as international political economy to analyze scholarship. Students evaluate complex global issues, challenge conventional wisdom, and learn how to find creative solutions.

Our courses challenge students to analyze the multiple ways in which inequality and oppression work and to strategize for social change in a way that bridges theory and practice. Students begin this program by enrolling in two foundation courses, Critical Social Theory and International Political Economy, which provide the critical frameworks for subsequent classes. Building on this foundation, students select from a series of core courses that reflect topical debates and highlight themes of race, class, gender, power, and inequality.

Because the program encompasses such a broad range of disciplines, the employment opportunities associated with the program are diverse and far-reaching. Students choosing our thesis option, well-prepared for research and writing at the doctoral level, often go on to pursue the Ph.D. Other graduates find jobs within nonprofits, international nongovernmental organizations, and a range of international diplomatic entities.

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M.A. in International Studies
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Chicago, IL
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Degree offered:
M.A. in International Studies; thesis and non-thesis options available
Employment sectors:
Academia, NGOs, Foreign Service, other government service, private sector
$715 per credit hour, 48 credit hours total
Scholarships and Financial Aid:
Full assistantship, partial tuition remission
Application deadlines:
Rolling until April 30
Selected faculty areas of expertise:
Impact of oil on society and politics; international law and global social justice; anti-colonial/de-colonial thought; critical international relations theory; critical sexuality, queer, race, and gender theories; forced migration and displacement; social construction of insecurity and (counter)terrorism
Unique features:
Most of our students undertake the thesis option which has resulted in a high rate of placement in Ph.D. programs; non-thesis option includes internship opportunities