The Fascist Dictatorship in Italy. Volume I

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The Fascist Dictatorship in Italy. Volume I

By Gaetano Salvemini
Holt, 1927
328 pp. $3.00

Written by one of the most uncompromising opponents of the Fascist régime, this book is likely to remain for a long time the classic formulation of the case against the present régime in Italy. Professor Salvemini is a well-known historian, all of whose work has been characterized by painstaking and conscientious scholarship. The present book, though written with passion and with an outspoken bias, is nevertheless done with the greatest care, the facts quoted being invariably supported by acceptable references. This first volume, which is concerned primarily with the external history of the movement, does much to dispel the mists of legend and propaganda, to place the rise of Fascism in its proper setting and to throw new light on many of the obscure and disputed points, especially the Matteotti case.

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