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Francis Joseph
Francis Joseph
By Eugene Bagger
Putnams, 1927, 572 pp

This is a careful and conscientious study of the Emperor and his reign and, as an addition to the very slight literature in English on the history of modern Austria, is to be welcomed and commended. The account is perfectly impartial and far removed from the line of popular biographies so current at the present time. The author throughout has depended, not so much on unpublished material, as on the sound and substantial monographic literature. He goes too far in claiming that his book is the first biography of Francis Joseph and one is rather surprised to find no reference to such fundamental works as those of Srbik on Metternich and Redlich on the constitutional development of the empire since 1848, but it is perhaps not too much to say that the book is as good a one as any American could hope to write on this subject.