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Neuf Années De Souvenirs. L'union Sacrée
Neuf Années De Souvenirs. L'union Sacrée
By Raymond Poincaré
Plon, 1927, 552 pp

The fourth and most important volume of the French statesman's reminiscences, covering the period from January, 1914, through the declarations of war. A just estimate of the value of his contribution to the story of the origins of the war can be made only after careful examination and comparison with all other available sources, but a first reading leaves a sense of disappointment. It was not to be expected that the former President would criticise himself, but it could be fairly hoped that he would give a rather more extensive account of French policy and the considerations which lay behind it. In discussing the all-important visit to St. Petersburg in July, for example, the author takes us to all the reviews, dinners, receptions and visits, but when he discusses the critical international situation he quotes rather from the German and Austrian documents than from the French papers which are at his disposal. On the whole he appears to be more intent to prove the case against the Central Powers than to throw light on the policy of the French Government.