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Zwei Jahrzehnte Im Nahen Orient
Zwei Jahrzehnte Im Nahen Orient
By Baron Wladimir Giesl
Verlag für Kulturpolitik, 1927, 331 pp

The reminiscences of the former Austrian diplomat, who spent fully twenty years at the various Balkan courts. This is easily one of the most important contributions yet published on the history of the Near East in the pre-war period, and takes up all the important crises from the Turkish-Greek War of 1897 to the days of Sarajevo. There are excellent appreciations of such personalities as Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Abdul Hamid, Pashitch, and the Russian minister at Belgrade, M. Hartwig. Baron Giesl makes the astonishing statement that in his opinion war might have been avoided had not Hartwig dropped dead in the Austrian Legation at the beginning of the crisis of 1914.