American Policy Towards Russia

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American Policy Towards Russia

By Frederick L. Schuman
International Publishers, 1928
399 pp. $3.75

This much-needed review of American relations to Russia during the past decade should be especially welcome to those who are weary of polemical writings pro and con. Dr. Schuman, an instructor in the University of Chicago, has set himself the task of writing a scholarly treatise on the vicissitudes of our relations with Russia since the revolution of March, 1917, and has made use of all available published and some unpublished documentary material, to say nothing of newspapers and periodicals and other writings which may be taken as expressions of public rather than of official opinion. The latter part of the book is devoted to an examination of the reasons for the withholding of recognition on the part of the United States, with special reference to the questions of Bolshevik propaganda and mutual financial claims.

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