The Drafting of the Covenant

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The Drafting of the Covenant

By David Hunter Miller
Putnam, 1928
0 pp. $15.00

This is not a book for the general reader, but rather an exhaustive and scholarly examination of the making of the covenant. It will immediately take rank with the most important literature on the history of the League and is bound to remain a standard treatise on the subject. The author, whose volume on the Geneva Protocol is well known, was one of the American legal advisers during the Paris Peace Conference and was active in framing the agreement which set up the League. Without attempting to trace the earlier ideas of a League of Nations from the seventeenth century on, he takes up, in the first volume, the various plans with government authority behind them, beginning with the Phillimore draft, and examines all later proposals, including the various Wilson projects. The modifications brought about during the Peace Conference by the debates in the Commission for a League of Nations are analyzed in great detail, the author making use of his own recollections and of a considerable amount of hitherto unpublished material. The second volume, which is devoted entirely to the publication of forty of the most important documents, is a source book of prime importance.

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