La Civiltà Fascista Illustrata Nella Dottrina E Nelle Opere

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La Civiltà Fascista Illustrata Nella Dottrina E Nelle Opere

By G. L. Pomba
Torinese, 1928
685 pp. $0.00

This is one of the most important books yet published on Fascism, and consists of a large number of authoritative articles surveying all aspects of Fascist thought and activity. Among the contributions may be mentioned the articles by Volpi on the historical development of the movement, by Morello on the dissolution of the old régime, by Gorgolini on the March to Rome, by Gentile on the essence of Fascism, by Cian on the precursors of Fascism, by Torre on the new spirit of Italian foreign policy, by Rollini on the colonial policy, by Alberti on finances. There are other essays on religion, art, legislation, agriculture, industry, the coöperatives, syndicalism, the labor code, the communes, the schools, journalism, the army, the navy, aviation, the organization of youth, and the position of women. The work closes with a bibliography.

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