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La Confiance En L'allemagne
La Confiance En L'allemagne
By Wladimir D'ormesson
Nouvelle Revue Française, 1928, pp

A most stimulating essay on Franco-German relations. The author conceives the problem of an understanding as primarily a psychological one, and begins with a keen examination of the methods by which the two nations learn about each other. After an analysis of the dangers inherent in the modern press system, he investigates the chief reasons for French distrust -- disarmament, the patriotic societies, German nationalism, the question of Germany's European position. He then takes up the various questions at issue, such as the occupation of the Rhineland, the Dawes Plan, the Anschluss problem, the German-Polish tension and the colonial question. He thinks that all these could be settled satisfactorily by a large scale liquidation and that the road would then be clear for a huge conservative Anglo-French-German combination which would guarantee the peace and security of Europe. While perhaps too optimistic, the book deserves notice.