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La Neutralità Italiana
La Neutralità Italiana
By Antonio Salandra
Mondadori, 1928, 476 pp

The former Italian premier writes a vigorous defence of his country's action in 1914-1915. No revelations are made, but the author presents a strong case in behalf of the Italian position, arguing that the Austrians were not engaged in a defensive war and that consequently there was no casus foederis for the Italian Government. The review of the negotiations with both the Central Powers and with the Allies is well done, and the blunders on the German and Austrian side are set into high relief. For example, Signor Salandra asserts that the Germans threatened to raise the Roman question if Italy denounced its obligations, which made the Italian Government more suspicious than ever of what might happen in case of their victory. In dealing with the discussions between the Italian Government and the Allies the author is very careful; the indications are that there was more than he reveals, but the references are so veiled that no definite conclusions can be formed. On the whole, however, the book is an important contribution from the Italian side.