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L'enigme Chinoise
L'enigme Chinoise
By Count Carlo Sforza
Payot, 1928, 208 pp

One of the most significant and penetrating books yet published on the crisis in the Far East. The former Italian foreign minister, who spent much of his earlier career representing his country in China and who paid an extended visit to the Far East in 1926-1927, goes far beyond the usual thin generalizations which fill so many books on the subject. His treatment is not colored by any particular preferences, but is characterized by keen observation and deep insight. The problems raised by the appearance of a popular press, the Bolshevik influence, the difficulties of the European administrations of the customs and posts, the crisis of the Christian missions and the policies of the various European powers are all treated in an original and stimulating way. Count Sforza has no hope for an early solution and makes it quite clear that in his opinion the world must look for serious repercussions of the Chinese developments in Indo-China and the East Indies.