Nationalismus Und Imperialismus

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Nationalismus Und Imperialismus

By Heinrich Schnee
Hobbing, 1928
375 pp. $0.00

It can hardly be said that much has been added to our knowledge of nationalism and imperialism by these lectures, delivered at the Hochschule für Politik in Berlin by the former governor of German West Africa. As a general introduction the book may serve a useful purpose, but the author makes no attempt to dig deeply and has no new views to suggest. After a conventional definition of terms and a brief survey of the rise of nationalism and imperialism as dominant forces in the modern world, he outlines the expression of these forces in the British Empire, the United States, Japan, Russia, France and Italy, concluding with two chapters on the present situation and the probable developments of the future. By and large, the discussion is well-balanced and the writer attempts to be scrupulously fair, but he is speaking especially to the German student and views the situation from the German standpoint. He takes full advantage of the concluding chapters to expound the usual German views regarding the injustice of the peace treaties, the dangers to peace arising therefrom, and the desirability for revision with special reference to minorities and colonial control.

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