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British Documents on the Origins of the War
British Documents on the Origins of the War
By G. P. Gooch and Harold Temperley
H. M. S. O., 1928, 495 pp

The third volume of these important documents covers the period from 1904 to 1906 and is entitled "The Testing of the Entente." The central theme throughout is the Moroccan crisis of 1905-1906, which has always presented to the historian so many difficult points of British policy. The reader will find here material of the greatest value not only on the general question of the Moroccan problem, but on such crucial matters as the British guarantee to France and the beginnings of the Anglo-French and Anglo-Belgian military conversations. Particular attention should be called to the long memorandum prepared by Sir Eyre Crowe after the crisis. This review of the British position after the Algeciras Conference is bound to take rank with the greatest British state papers of all time.